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Joselito is an homage to my late father, Jose Candon Perez who together with my mother, showed me that some of the best memories of life are created with family and friends over long, leisurely meals. Joselito is an intimate Spanish restaurant located on Capitol Hill, but reminiscent of the timeless establishments my father adored during his lifetime in Spain. These are also the cafes where luminaries such as Neruda, Hemingway, and Garcia Lorca spent countless hours eating, drinking, and enjoying the beauty of life. I invite you to do the same at Joselito. Looking forward to your visit, Javier

“Our new menus are divided into three distinct categories". Beyond our contemporary take on Spanish home cooking in the Modern Twists section, we are adding a section of classic Spanish dishes often requested by guests under Traditions. Innovations are inspired by both our own creative conversations and input from some of our customers who enjoy pushing gastronomic boundaries.

Award-winning Executive Chef David Sierra has also crafted Joselito’s new tasting menu, Evolution, from which parties of five or more must order, parties of four or less can order from our a la carte menu. This indulgent family-style feast with diverse dishes meant to be shared provides a memorable communal experience.

Joselito’s menus, much of which will change weekly, also include shareables, sides, sweets and of course a stellar selection of Spanish wines curated by GM and Sommelier Gustavo Iniesta.

A 5% fair wage fee will be added to all guest checks and will be used to cover us pay the base wages of staff due to the Initiative 82 that DC residents voted.

This fee is not a tip.

This surcharge goes to the front and back of the house.



Welcome | Bienvenido

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